Dear 420,
It’s time to say goodbye. This era has been the best time in my life. I had the best partner, Best friend, and soulmate I could imagine. Lina my Mäuschen I want so say thank you for this time with you. I don’t think there’s anyone who helped me so much, no matter what situation I was in and always held to me, even though I was wrong, you’ve built me the most beautiful experiences and memories in these five years, no matter whether it was up and downs in sailing, parties and victories that we’ll never forget. There is no person I’ve spent as much time with as with you travelling all over the world. We made it all the way up together and never given up even if certain federations have tried to prevent our success. I will never forget these years with You and keep them in a beautiful memory.

I also want so say thank you to my dad who was always by my side, supporting me in every situation who even cheered more than Lina and me on the coach boat. Thank you for giving me the passion to fight for it and never giving up. Without you we would never made it where we are now no matter if it were boat repairs, coaching or rebuilding ourselves when we are about to give up.

At the end I want to mention my coach Ilja. Thank you for making us the best possible training and its environment. It was not about infinite hours on the water it was about full of passion, ambition and love to sailing, wind and water. You always showed me how to keep this passion and to change this passion and love to sailing in strength and power.

I also want to appreciate our sponsors @bavaria-ag, @julbo eyewear,  who supported us in these years our whole sailing career. In the end I also want to keep our friends ans training partners in mind. You were the most trustful team without any exceptions and the best team mates I could wish for. 

Keep our @bayerischer yachtclub team spirit alive!

Cheers to this unlievable, unforgettable era full of emotions, love and my best friend, partner and soulmate. Go to the port, get some more signals on land and never give up.


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